Weight Training/Yoga Week at a Glance February 10

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Hi Team,

This week we are discovering the different levels of training. Students who were performing Yoga are transitioning into the weight training. It is awesome to have students choose each day what they want to train. We have had some students step their training up with box jumps, speed ladder drills, jump rope and attempting to add weight to the bar on bench press. Students are working on individualized training. We will continue to develop a training system that works for each student. I encourage students to formulate their own work out and have guided on where they can find them. I am wanting to see our students train with purpose. I will continue to pull this hard work out of them. I am proud of the growth we are making as a class and look forward to finishing this year strong.

Our Varsity boys iBasketball team is number 6 in the state and our girls Varsity basketball team is battling to take a position in play offs. We want to wish all our Winter sports a strong finish! Go Roadrunners!

Have a great weekend,

~Coach Rev