Rev’s Week at a glance P.E. November 15th

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Hi Team,

Our class is advancing with defense, offense, and technique. We are going to start to master both serving styles with the floater and top spin. It is so fun to see everyone learn this great game and advance so quickly with their skills. We will continue to play game like while learning different styles and techniques for passing, setting, and serving.

Calendar of Events
Nov. 17 Noetic Math Contest
Nov. 19 Home Scrimmage: Varsity Girls BB, 5:00pm
Nov. 18-20 Fall Play: Pride & Prejudice
Nov. 22 NAU Field Trip
Nov. 23 Math Olympiad
Home Scrimmage: Varsity Soccer, 4:00pm
Nov. 24 Half Day School & Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Nov. 25-26 Thanksgiving Break – No School