Rev’s Week at a glance Dec 6 Volleyball P.E.

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Hi Team,

This class is getting good at my favorite game! I am proud to say they know all the fundamental and technique. We are now mastering real game like situations and play. Students are also advancing quickly to the higher net so we can present a more challenging option for those interested. Having many Varsity players has been very helpful. Shoutout to the older more experienced players who come in and work with everyone to help grow our younger players. I am proud of everyone working together!

Calendar of Events
Dec. 7 Math Olympiad
Dec. 9 Home Game: Varsity Soccer, 5:00pm
Dec. 10 LAST DAY to turn in Semester 1 Assignments
Home Game: JH Soccer, 5:00pm
Dec. 13-14 Final Exams
Dec. 14 Home Game: JV Boys BB, 4:00pm
Home Game: Varsity Girls BB, 5:30pm
Home Game: Varsity Boys BBS, 7:00pm
Dec. 16 Home Game: Varsity Soccer, 4:00pm
Dec. 17 Home Game: JH Baseball, 3:00pm

~Coach Rev