Rev’s Week at a glance STUCO November 15


Hi Team,

Our class is making magic with marketing, promoting, and creating our schools events. Our President and Vice President have been very organized with getting everyone prepared and knowing their jobs. Shout out to Ari and Tay for being the masterminds and ensuring we all have a job and also get to be creative!

Calendar of Events
Nov. 16 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
Nov. 17 Noetic Math Contest
Nov. 19 Home Scrimmage: Varsity Girls BB, 5:00pm
Nov. 18-20 Fall Play: Pride & Prejudice
Nov. 22 NAU Field Trip
Nov. 23 Math Olympiad
Home Scrimmage: Varsity Soccer, 4:00pm
Nov. 24 Half Day School & Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Nov. 25-26 Thanksgiving Break – No School