Rev’s Week at a glance September 21

 In Girls Weight Training, Strength & Conditioning

Good Morning Team,

I am proud of students for coming in and working hard. It is so fun to see them back in the gym laughing and playing. We are doing more free activity for students who wish to social distance and those who are interested in working in a partner or small group setting. Everyone seems to have found commonality in sports they like. We are working on mastering serving, passing, setting, and hitting for volleyball. Basketball is working on shooting technique and form.

Online students are working on nutrition, planning for personal goals, and mastering their individual routines. I am excited to see how our students have found a groove and system for themselves to thrive daily while working from home. We are going to continue to work on personal goals through the semester and figure out what we need to support each other while online. Please reach out for anything you many with student support.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week,

~Coach Rev