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Hi Team,

This week was a lot of fun as our students went outside and played some football, 4 square, sand volleyball and raced each other on the track. Students really enjoy mixing it up and being able to choose what they want to play. We were able to learn the difference of indoor vs. outdoor volleyball and see how difficult it is to move in the sand. This week we will mix it up again with both inside and outside games. Volleyball has turned into one of the favorite games for students as they are mastering the technique and fundamental with good reps. Students will have the opportunity to play soccer, flag football, sand volleyball, 4 square and some track running during class. I am excited to see students learn new sports and continue to work together as these are team sports they are competing and learning at the same time.

Sending great thoughts to our winter sports as they enter play offs! Lets go Roadrunners!

~Coach Rev