Physical Education Week at a glance Feb 17

 In Physical Education

Hi Team,

Students are enjoying the weather in the day as it is warming up and beautiful. We have been able to get outside and play some sand volleyball along with 4 square, football, and just run. Students enjoy a mix of activities and are really liking choosing their games. They are adjusting well to the difference between outdoor vs. Indoor volleyball. I have seen students really grow at this game and actually starting to compete with some positive energy. This week we are able to play both inside and outside as the weather permits. We will continue to learn sand volleyball as the techniques are a little different than indoor. It is nice to see students want to learn something new and outside of their comfort zone. Students are able to participate in an array of activities indoor and outdoor as myself and coach Echols are splitting up and offering options to students interests and liking.

Have a great week,

~Coach Rev