Advanced P.E.

 In Adv. Weight Training

Hi Team,

This week we raised the net and worked hard to reach and get the ball across the net. It was awesome to see our girls be able to adjust right away and get the ball in play. We are working on different things each day trying to ensure students can get the right rep to master techniques and fundamentals. We also went outside and got in the sand learning how difficult it is to transition with weather, sand, and techniques that are different from indoor to outdoor. This week we will be doing both indoor and outdoor preparing for spring sports. Students have tried both serves the top spin and floater and it varies depending on indoor or outdoor. I am excited to keep these students grow with sand volleyball and master the knuckle, roll shot, and high free balls to challenge the opponent.

Sending great thoughts to our winter sports as they enter playoffs competing for the big show! Let’s go Roadrunners!

~Coach Rev