Rev’s Week at a glance May 23 STUCO


Hi Team,

Happy Last week! I can’t believe this year is coming to an end. I had such a great time learning this class and spending time with these amazing humans each day. This group made me proud in so many ways. Starting the year by creating a fun and positive environment. Next, leading pep assemblies to bring the whole school together. The Homecoming week, dance, and fun was such a great time to share together. Moving into Winter sports and keeping the energy up all the way through spring sports and all the moments to celebrate each other. Shout out to Koen, Charlie, Will, and Jayden who did our behind the senes fliers and research. Shout out to Simone who showed up and created a huge timeline for us to look at and smile. Shout out to Marissa and Jayline for always painting and working hard at all the creative tasks. Shout out to Mariah, Liam, Claudia, and Marta for making us smile and working together creating great ideas and magic. Shout out to Ja for being the hype man! Shout out to Alie and Cyn for working together ensuring everything is pretty, neat, and beautifully painted. Shout out to Ari and Taylor for organizing our entire year and plan then delegating to execute everything all year. We did it!

Together we can create magic every day with a smile! Thank you parents for allowing us time with your children to grow and enjoy school.

Have a wonderful Summer,

~Coach Rev